Programmable Folding

Programmable Folding

The aim of this thesis by Annie Locke Scherer, is to create parametrically-derived folding patterns that approximate irregular, doubly-curved surfaces when assembled. This thesis investigates the relatively unexplored world of origami: kirigami.

Optimization of Doubly-Curved Kirigami

Doubly-Curved Kirigami

This thesis by Michael Ramirez focuses on using optimization to computationally construct doubly-curved configurations of the Spin-Valence pattern logic from input surfaces. To accomplish this, optimization in Rhinoceros v6 and Python v3.7 is used.

Kinetic Origami Surfaces From Simulation to Fabrication

Kinetic Origami

This article by Filipa Osório, Alexandra Paio and Sancho Oliveira describes the current state of an ongoing research that proposes the use of kinetic Rigid Origami foldable surfaces to be used as roofs for spaces with big spans and the practical contribution that the Design Studio Surfaces INPLAY has brought to it.

Compliant Laminar Assemblies

Laminar Assemblies

This paper by Pamela Dychengbeng Chua and Lee Fu Hui presents an innovative approach to the design and fabrication of three-dimensional objects from single-piece flat sheets, inspired by the origami technique of twist-closing.