Turning Torso Tower

In this video, we explore the iconic Turning Torso Tower, a masterclass in architectural brilliance located in Malmö, Sweden.

Designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the tower stands out with its unique spiraling form inspired by a human turning torso.

Its structural ingenuity and the twisting aesthetic are not just a testament to modern design but also to engineering prowess.

After gaining insights into its captivating history and structural details, we’ll dive into the modeling aspect.

Learn how the Turning Torso has been conceptualized and how you can emulate its design in Grasshopper3D by simply defining two curves.

Perfect for architects, designers, and Grasshopper3D enthusiasts aiming to combine architectural history with contemporary design tools.

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Tutor : Mohammad Yazdi

Algorithm : Zahra Ebrahimi , Mohammad Yazdi

Duration : 4 Minutes

Duration : 4 Minutes

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