Twisted Box Mesh Boolean

In this Pufferfish Grasshopper tutorial, we will use the “Twisted Box Array” combined with “Mesh Boolean Twisted Boxes” to convert any mesh into a series of boxes and then use the Weaverbird Plugin to convert them into frames and windows.

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  • mnaishere

    hi there , that was great .
    i have a little question : how can i add different meshes to the grasshopper ? i mean how can i make meshes like the rabbit and the man in the example by me self ? (is there anywhere that i can download more meshes like those ?)

    • parametric

      Hi Thanks
      Try searching for free 3d models or meshes..there are several websites for that

  • Harsh Kurmi

    Can we remove the inner boxes and only keep the outer boxes

    • parametric

      You can Boolean Union the Boxes for example