Twisted Box Mesh Boolean

In this Pufferfish Grasshopper tutorial, we will use the “Twisted Box Array” combined with “Mesh Boolean Twisted Boxes” to convert any mesh into a series of boxes and then use the Weaverbird Plugin to convert them into frames and windows.

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  • mnaishere

    hi there , that was great .
    i have a little question : how can i add different meshes to the grasshopper ? i mean how can i make meshes like the rabbit and the man in the example by me self ? (is there anywhere that i can download more meshes like those ?)

    • parametric

      Hi Thanks
      Try searching for free 3d models or meshes..there are several websites for that

  • Harsh Kurmi

    Can we remove the inner boxes and only keep the outer boxes

    • parametric

      You can Boolean Union the Boxes for example

  • Kelsey

    Is there any way to set the size of the box to a desired size (i.e. cover the mesh in 1″x1″x1″ boxes) instead of creating boxes based on a resolution?

    • naseri2

      Hi, You need to divide your length by the desired size of the box and give that to the “Steps” input of the “Range”, but since the “Twisted Box Array” component receives division parameters between 0 and 1, this way can only give you approximate accuracy.