Unfold Mesh


In this Grasshopper Example File, you can use the NJS plugin combined with Weaverbird to To unfold a mesh.

Script By: Zahra Ebrahimi

Unfold MeshUnfold MeshUnfold Mesh

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  • Felsager

    This code alone is a game changer in almost everything.


  • Cfeldman

    Well, this looks like a kind of Pepakura (unfold)….but I still haven’t figured out how to apply it to any other Mesh. ( well here part of “weaverbird antiprims” (?) + a couple of points ‘(1-plane and 2-top point -solid)…..but what if one has a whole other Mesh?.
    — Sometimes, it gives all absorbed without separation, and without being able to really unroll the Mesh.
    Pepakura, if you have a very good resolution for unroll, all kinds of mesh.
    I thought this was similar- minimally to Ivy plugin ?.