In this Grasshopper Voronoize example file, you can convert Any surface ,polySurface, brep or mesh into voronoi cells.

Script By: Zahra Ebrahimi

Grasshopper Voronoize (Polysurface)Grasshopper Voronoize (Polysurface)Grasshopper Voronoize (Polysurface)

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  • XPRO

    I need know if with Voronoize curse I can convert any solid (wich already have modeled in rhinoceros) in voronoi structure

    I would need to have the same saved setup in grasshopper, to which I can reference different designs that I already have modeled in rhinoceros, and be able to apply the voronoid structure to them, being able to vary thicknesses, quantity and size of the polygons

    It doesn’t help me if I can only apply it to a cube or only on a surface. I need to be able to apply it to solids of different shapes and in their entire volume, since it is to absorb impacts

    I already installed Crystallon past time,… but I Cant find a quick way of reference a solid and transform it in voronoid. Could you tell me if in the video of curses of Voronoize you teach that?

    I would like buy 3 the 150 usd option, but I would like get sure of learn how to do it