Bridging the Gaps

Bridging the Gaps
Computation to Construction in India

Urvi Sheth
CEPT University
[email protected]

In the era of The Second Digital Turn, designers and engineers have easy and equal access to computational tools across the globe. With the highest development of technology at a global level, design development to construction process is locally contextualised in different parts of the world based on the available technology and resources.

This paper by Urvi Sheth, presents a craft-based approach to computation and its contribution to support artisans’ development in India. It is demonstrated through ongoing research on customising bricks and utilization of computationally generated asymmetrical Catalan vault.

The challenge of constructing the computationally generated form by architecture students is completed by the craftsmen and students of crafts school. The research elucidates gaps at various levels. Craft based solutions bridging these gaps establish a methodology which makes complex geometry constructible in present-day India when access to digital fabrication methods are still evolving and expensive.

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