Curve Growth

In this grasshopper example file you can create a parametric curve growth simulation by using the kangaroo plugin.

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  • dmttran

    I’m running Rhino 7, was able to unblock and install all the plug ins but am still having trouble getting this to run. The “explode tree bang!” node reads “1. Tree contains more branches than this component has output parameters.” and the wbCatmullClark node reads “1. Subdivision level is 0, which returns the original mesh”. Do you think you can post some more step by step instructions and/or video?

    • rezae

      Those are warnings and in this case the warnings are Ok.
      There is another problem, please send screen shout from your grasshopper screen.
      Did you turn toggle to True on “Solver” (like attached image) or reset the component at first because it’s necessary.

  • rezae

    Attachment  toggle-on.png


  • rezae

    Attachment  toggle-on-1.png


  • dmttran

    Yes! Thank you for clarifying the need to switch from false to true! Now it runs the simulation. Can you tell me how/where to bake the model?

  • Cfeldman

    /To ‘cook’ just touch the button BAKE AT THE END,
    turn to render, and you will see it in Rhino.
    Sometimes it seems necessary to be able to ‘clarify’ some more things
    when one sees a tutorial like these, …
    just change to “true”, and gh, the curve begins to grow covering the sphere, until completion, ok.
    That’s not difficult, ok, but “try to write the definition yourself”.
    Much more difficult if each step is not fully understood.

    It seems to me that to understand a definition like this / s,
    –when it becomes somewhat difficult to write oneself–,
    It would be better explained, to be able to understand how to get there,
    more than always being a spectator of what someone else does.
    It seems to me that if I should write this definition myself,
    I would do it completely differently ….., I think.
    Do not ?.Thanks