Driftwood Pavilion

The Architectural Association School of Architecture has unveiled their 2009 summer pavilion, designed by third year Danecia Sibingo, its undulating form was outside the AA in London’s Bedford Square. This was the fourth year that the AA has challenged its students to create a temporary Summer Pavilion from sustainable timber.

Driftwood was designed by concept designer Danecia Sibingo, a 3rd year student, and her team of Lyn Hayek, Yoojin Kim, Taeyoung Lee, Suram Choi, Kyungtae Jung, Jerome Tsui, Feras El Attai, Rama Nshiewat, Camille Steyaert, Hisashi Kato and Ryan Phanphensophon.

Apparently it “provides a thoughtful, provoking reminder of the UK’s inextricable link to the sea – its undulating form created by the motion of the water, carried by waves and coming to rest in busy central London”. Driftwood was at display in Bedford Square until July 25, 2009

The 28 layers of plywood flow in a self-assuming organic shape, appearing as an evolved object. This aesthetic recalls the designs of AA alumni Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas.