Trained as an interior designer, Joshua Teo completed his degree with a minor in linguistics from Taiwan’s Chung Yuan Christian University in 2018, and also has experience across other disciplines such as architecture, music and debating.

Entwine, Teo’s site-specific art installation made entirely out of recycled plastic tiles, is located at the Kuala Lumpur’s Masjid Jamek Lookout Point. It serves as an open letter to both the authorities and to the public, addressing the city’s waste management predicament.

Entwine exposes the palpable power dynamic that defines the contemporary cityscape in the face of an environmental crisis, through a juxtaposition of its representational topography of two rivers in the abstract sense, and the materials that form it – plastic.


Inspired by the confluence of the Klang and Gombak rivers, Entwine is a sculpture of two masses merging into one. Driven by the designer’s fascination with algorithmic thinking and all things cutting edge, he tried to convey his narrative using parametric design in response to the environmental concerns of the city.

Incorporating the use of a form of sustainable material that he’s seen fellow designers use previously in their creations, he created an abstract sculptural form consisting of a calibrated series of interlocking recycled plastic hollow blocks.

Designer hopes the installation can be displayed somewhere else as a permanent art piece. Otherwise, he’s already come up with several ideas that were included in the proposal for Entwine as to how the plastic modules can be reused. Some of the more interesting ideas include reusing the plastic blocks to make a façade, a mural or even a playground set.

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