Fillet Edge

In this short grasshopper tutorial, we are going to talk about how we can use the “Fillet edge” component to fillet box edges.

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  • Fatih

    Hello, I have different polysurface objects modeled with the loft command in Grasshopper3d, and I have closed the holes with the cap holes command. I want to apply the fillet command to all edges of these objects. Using the Fillet Edge command as you showed is not very convenient for me. It is also not very possible to get the right result. What do you recommend?

    • rezae

      Hi Alper, Fillet edge component only works on basic geometries. Please sent me your 3d model since complex geometries need different approaches. Like orienting the profile and sweep along the edges.

  • Fatih

    Thank you, I solved the problem by changing the modeling method.