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Mesh Particle Attractor Grasshopper3d Definition

Mesh Particle Attractor

In this grasshopper definition you can model a constantly changing surface by using the Stella3d Plugin, and defining an attractor which attracts the particles towards itself.

Flatworm Grasshopper3d Plugin for generating rigidly foldable quadrilateral meshes RFQM and Miura Ori fold


Flatworm by jakobl is a GHPython implementation of the pure-python module for generating ‘rigidly foldable quadrilateral meshes’ (RFQM) in Grasshopper. Flatworm provides basic means of generating Miura Ori fold pattern as well.

Chimpanzee Grasshopper3d Plugin for fractal enthusiasts


Chimpanzee by matous111 is a Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino 6 written in Python which focuses on fractal math and chaos theory. Chimpanzee contains currently 71 components.

Particles Bridge Grasshopper3d Definition

Particles Bridge

In this grasshopper definition you can simulate a series of particles moving around a curve and making a bridge like structure.

Stella3d Metaballs Grasshopper3d Definition

Stella3d Metaballs

In this grasshopper definition by creating a simulation with Stella3d you can simulate particles with attractors and use the Metaball(t) component to convert them into metaballs.

PolyBrick 2.0 Bio-Integrative Load Bearing Structures

PolyBrick 2.0

In this paper by integrating specialized expertise across disciplines of architecture, engineering, and material science, authors propose an algorithmic toolset to generate PolyBrick geometries that can be applied to various architectural typologies.

Rotating Mechanism Grasshopper3d Definition

Rotating Mechanism

In this grasshopper definition you can model a simple parametric rotating mechanism. you can actually change the handle’s length , width and also control the rotation speed.

Timber Plate Structures Grasshopper3d Plugin

Timber Plate Structures

TPS by C.Robeller is a Grasshopper Plugin for the design of freeform Timber Plate Structures. It is meant for discrete structures, built from separate pieces which are connected with joints. The resulting meshes are not necessarily flat-foldable as in Origami.

Voxelize Blobs Grasshopper3d Definition

Voxelize Blobs

In this grasshopper definition by using the Stella3d plugin you can simulate a series of particles which try to reach defined point targets and then voxelize them by using Cocoon, you can also refine it as an additional step.

Informed Geometries. Parametric Modelling and Energy Analysis in Early Stages of Design

Informed Geometries

This paper by Ionuţ Anton and Daniela Tănase will discuss the implications of parametric modeling and energy analysis in architectural design and will present the authors research in developing architectural forms using computational design tools.

An Algorithm of Rigid Foldable Tessellation Origami to Adapt to Free-Form Surfaces

Origami Tessellation

This research by Hong-Cing Tung and Pei-Hsien Hsu is to compile an algorithm for creating origami forms with developability and flat-foldability on the target surface by generating a Miura-ori tessellation from the geometric of the target surface.

Emitted Berries Grasshopper3d Definition

Emitted Berries

In this grasshopper definition by using Stella3d for particles simulation ,you can move a series of geometries around a defined NURBS curves while they get bigger as they move forward.

Tensile Configurations: Exploring Spatial Membrane Tensegrity Shell Structures

Tensile Configurations

In this article by Kenneth Tracy et al. a design framework is presented for creating self-supporting membrane tensegrity shell structures with spatial openings, enabled by novel reciprocally tessellated strut configurations.

Scaling Circle Fractal Grasshopper3d Definition

Scaling Circle Fractal

In this definition you can model a parametric fractal based on circles.In each step the circles scale down and cover a portion of the circle’s circumference.

Intralattice Grasshopper3d Plugin


Intralattice by dnkrtz, is a plug-in for Grasshopper used to generate solid lattice structures within a design space. It was developed as an extensible, open-source alternative to current commercial solutions, such as Within.

3D Printed Pottery

3D Printed Pottery

Taekyeom Lee is a designer and researcher taking pottery into the future. He taught himself to build and use a 3D printer with no prior background in robotics. He used it to create 3D-printed ceramic pieces.

3D Printing Joints Grasshopper3d Definition

3D Printing Joints

In this definition you can model a parametric joint connection for a network of lines. The connection can be 3d printed and by defining sleeves for the pipes you can insert them in the nodes.

Step Wall Grasshopper3d Definition

Step Wall

In this definition you can model a Step wall in Grasshopper. For the base unit you can control the height, count, width and depth of the stairs.

Wave Sections Grasshopper3d Definition

Wave Sections

In this defintion you can model a parametric wave like structure and two waffle parts which can hold those sections together.

Cocoon Grasshopper3d Plugin


Cocoon by David Stasiuk is an add-on to McNeel’s Grasshopper visual scripting interface for Rhinoceros. Cocoon is a fairly straightforward implementation of the Marching Cubes algorithm for turning iso-surfaces into polygonal meshes.

Stella3d Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Stella3d #1

In this Rhino Grasshopper tutorial, we are going to introduce a new plugin developed by our team called “Stella3d” and combine it with the Dendro plugin to produce a particle-based simulation.

Interlocking Pattern Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Interlocking Pattern

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to model a parametric interlocking pattern. First we are going to start with a base grid (Hexagons) and then make the parametric connections with Nurbs curves.

Twisting Fractal Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Twisting Fractal

In this rhino grasshopper tutorial,we have used Anemone to make a twisting recursive fractal in which the module is based on a polygon moving, rotating and scaling at the same time.

NGon Grasshopper3d Plugin


Mesh NGon Methods for Grasshopper and Rhino 6 by petras_vestartas: NGon Create, Vertex, Edge, Face Adjacency queries, Subdivide, Planarize, Transform, Utilities. Essentially it is a plug-in for polygonal meshes.

Square Fractal Anemone Plugin Grasshopper3d Definition

Anemone Plugin #2

In this definition you can model a fractal based on a square which builds two smaller squares on one of its edges.

Flexible Systems Flexible Design, Material and Fabrication: The AIA pavilion as a case study

Flexible Systems

This paper by Gernot Riether and Knox Jolly is about the fabrication process of the DesCours pavilion. The construction process will be used to show how parametric software, such as Grasshopper can inform fabrication and material systems.

GECO Grasshopper3d Plugin


Making use of Grasshopper uto developed an interface named GECO, which offers a direct link between Rhino/Grasshopper models and Ecotect. The Plugin allows you to export complex geometries very quickly and evaluate your design in Ecotect.

Morph to Twisted Box Grasshopper3d Definition

Morph to Twisted Box

In this grasshopper definition you can create a geometry and morph it on a sphere. You can also join the meshes together. This definition is using these plugins : Pufferfish , Mesh + and Weaverbird.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper3d Definition

Parakeet Plugin #8

In this grasshopper definition by using the Parakeet Plugin you can model a radial scissor mechanism by defining the number of elements , width , size and also the radius of the holes which connect the elements together.

Noise4d Example Grasshopper3d Definition

Noise4d Example #1

In this grasshopper definition, you can create a set of polygons in the Z direction and scale them by using the noise components from Noise 4d plugin. You can also thicken the polygons with Fatten.