Voxelized Metalines Grasshopper3d Definition Axolotl Plugin

Voxelized Metalines

In this grasshopper definition by Mathias Bernhard, you can create an iso-surface from the intersection between a sphere and Metaballs and use the Axolotl plugin to convert them into a voxelized form.

Rooster Grasshopper3d Plugin


Rooster by forest hell is a plugin useful for extracting curves from images; a process commonly known as Vectorization of an image.  The Rooster component is present under the ‘Params’ tab in the ‘Utils’ sub-category.

Kinetic Sleeve Grasshopper3d Definition Pufferfish Plugin

Kinetic Sleeve

In this grasshopper definition you can create Parametric sleeves by morphing a single module to a series of twisted box from the pufferfish plugin.

Robot Based Thermal Mass Distribution

Thermal Compositions

This work by Isak Worre Foged and Mads Brath Jensen develops, implements and tests a method and model for the distribution of material in relation to thermal performances through robot based extrusion of concrete.

Hexagonal Division Grasshopper3d Definition NGon Plugin

Hexagonal Division

In this grasshopper definition, you can divide a NURBS surface into hexagons and then extrude them by using the Ngon plugin.

Adaptive Façades An Integrated Algorithmic Approach

Adaptive Facades

The presented research by Helena Luísa Freitas Martinho aims to develop a unified AD and analysis workflow for the energy performance assessment of adaptive façades.

Adaptive Industrial Robot Control for Designers

Adaptive Robot Control

In this research by Shani Sharif, Varun Agrawal and Larry Sweet, authors present a system to allow designers to adaptively control an industrial robot from within a 3D modeling environment, for the purpose of real time feedback.

Cubical Voxelized Growth Grasshopper3d Definition Dendro Anemone Plugin

Cubical Voxelized Growth

In this grasshopper definition, you can generate a cubical growth system by using the Anemone plugin and voxelizing it with Dendro.

Fusion Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition Ngon plugin

Fusion Mesh

In this Grasshopper Definition, you can model an iso-surface mesh by using the Ngon plugin.

structural design of footbridges using parametric modelling

Design of Footbridges

The thesis by Herman Enger Aas and Kristian Mathias Eick uses parametric design software tools to investigate relevant structural aspects to be used for development of a conceptual design phase of a footbridge.

Programmable Materials for Responsive Building Skins

Material Geometry

This paper by Alireza Borhani and Negar Kalantar is part of a body of research developing an exploratory dialogue between the built form and the environment, via experimentation with performative geometry and material.

Rationalized Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition NGon Plugin

Rationalized Mesh

By using this grasshopper definition you can divide a surface into a rational mesh using the Ngon plugin.

Kangaroo Mesh Expansion Grasshopper3d Definition Kangaroo weaverbird plugin

Kangaroo Mesh Expansion

In this grasshopper definition we have used the kangaroo 2 Plugin combined with weaverbird to deform a mesh parametrically.

Mesh Mirror Cut Pufferfish plugin

Mesh Mirror Cut

Mesh Mirror Cut a plugin by Michael Pryor which now is a part of Pufferfish, is inspired by Autodesk Maya’s Mirror Cut tool, which is great for creating symmetry.

Transformable Structures and their Architectural Application

Transformable Structures

The main aim of this thesis by Sam Bouten is to provide insight in the design of transformable structures on an architectural scale.

Net on Surface Grasshopper3d Definition Pufferfish Plugin

Net on Surface

By using this grasshopper definition you can create a series of net curves on a surface by using the Pufferfish plugin.

GRay Grasshopper3d Plugin for rendering


GRay by Friedrich Söllner is a Parametric Material Generator for the Rhino Render Plugin V-Ray, with a flexible and easy to use interface for single renderings as well as animation.

Basic Agent Base python grasshopper3d definition

Basic Agent Base

In this premium python grasshopper definition you can simulate a basic agent behavior through defining an agent class in python component. Then you can define actions by writing functions inside the agent class.

Infinite Coil Grasshopper3d Definition

Infinite Coil

In this grasshopper definition by creating a series of circles in the X direction and connecting them together from the quarter of each circle, you can create a coil shape pipe.

Evolving Parametric Models using Genetic Programming with Artificial Selection

Genetic Programming

This paper by John Harding investigates an interactive evolution of visual programs currently used in popular parametric modelling software.

Recursive Entwined Rectangle Grasshopper3d Definition Anemone Plugin

Entwined Rectangle

In this grasshopper definition by creating a loop you can generate a series of rectangles that are connected to each other by lines and twist them around an axis.

Flocking Motion Grasshopper3d Definition

Flocking Motion

In this grasshopper definition a simple flocking motion has been simulated by using the SDplatform plugin and by defining parametric forces.

Animation Grasshopper3d Plugin


Animation is a lightweight plug-in by dbddqy that helps designers to make better animations with less effort.

IT Driven Architectural Design

IT Driven Architecture

This paper by Sebastian Białkowski and Anetta Kępczyńska-Walczak discusses teaching parametric design as a supportive method of introducing design logic. Two case studies have been described, analysed and concluded.

Perturbated Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition Fracturehopper weaverbird plugin

Perturbated Mesh

In this grasshopper definition, you can deform a mesh by a parametric noise using Fracturehopper Plugin.

Design and Analysis of Spatial Configurations


This dissertation by Pirouz Nourian reports a PhD research on mathematical-computational models, methods, and techniques for analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of spatial configurations in architecture and urban design.

Geometry Slide Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Boid Nursery Plugin

Geometry Slide

In this grasshopper definition we have used the Boid plugin and Nursery plugin combined to simulate sliding of a series of particles on a surface.