Fold Finding

Fold finding – a novel approach to folded structures – This project, created by Architect Tal Friedman, describes the design and fabrication process of the first self supported folded cantilever made entirely by folding sheets into their final position.

The advent of parametricism has brought architects many new design capabilities; form finding, sun shading and visual texturing are just a few of the ways the technology has impacted structures. But perhaps its most noble function is its ability to optimize structure, especially through the folding of thin, rigid materials.

Composed of just eight aluminum sheets, Friedman took inspiration from traditional paper-folding techniques to create the algorithms needed to best utilize the aluminum’s surface rigidity. The result is a fully self-supported cantilever folded structure comprised of compound folds, giving the front-facing surface a seamless aesthetic.

Friedman claims the technique can in many instances replace traditional construction methods utilizing individual panels, as its composition of just a single material could save both fabrication time and building tolerances.

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