Fusta Robotica Pavilion

IaaC Open Thesis Fabrication Program 2015 proposes an experimental project bringing together the challenge of building with Catalan wood, the potentials of robotic fabrication and parametric design. Catalan wood has the virtue of being a low-impact, Zero Kilometre material, but of a poor quality and is solely used for palettes. The challenge of Fusta Robotica is to build a stable, large-scale prototype by using this wood. The design solution is based on incorporating thin pieces, as well as several diverse typologies of joints and triangulations, implemented through digital computation. The fabrication is done with a robotic arm, allowing to automate the assembly process and reduce any manual workload. The OTF students designed the wooden structure and programmed the 35 hours fabrication process that led to its realization. The prototype, after being exhibited at the Setmana de la Fusta in Barcelona, is now located in the Valldaura Labs of Collserola Park. With the successful experience of four experimental wooden pavilions and several years of experimentation with digital and robotic manufacturing, IAAC is internationally recognized in the field of innovation in architecture and construction

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