God’s Eye

Sukkahville 2013 is a design competition that is now being running for three years. As a competition, it brings together architects, students, artist, builders and professionals, in aid of re-imagining a temporary structure known as the traditional Sukkah. Organized by the Kehilla foundation, it is in an attempt to help raise awareness of the ever-growing issue of homelessness and affordable homes.

God’s eye the winning design is a proposal by two students Christina Galanou and Chrystalla Koufopavlou of the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. The initial brief required a sky opening, for this design this became the focal point. From this central point came two spiraling arms that are both entrance and exit. This allows for a continuous flow of movement from external to internal and vise versa.

Two elements made this design a success, one being the structure and the other the skin. On the structure, the skin weaves its way through the secondary structure creating a sheltered environment while at the same time strengthening the structure. Both went through rigorous testing to obtain the most feasible solution. Material wise, the structure uses recycled PVC pipes and single sided corrugated cardboard for the skin, in keeping with the project theme.

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