Grasshopper Annotations

This publication is assembled as an elaboration of exercises provided in Andrew Payne and Rajaa Issa’s Grasshopper Primer. In addition, lessons outlined in Algorithmic Modeling with Grasshopper by Zubin Khabazi, are referenced as well as scripts written for studio projects during Professor Kyle Talbott’s Microcosm Studio. The goal is to provide information and insight encountered while completing the Grasshopper tutorials with intention to share the experiences encountered during the learning process.

Grasshopper is an intuitive parametric modeling plug-in running on the Rhinoceros platform. As with any new learning experience, prior education and explanation is paramount to knowledge retention. So much knowledge is available that it can be difficult to discern the exact solution and come away with specific information. This publication is probably no different. However, as an addition to the extensive work assembled by the afore mentioned authors, Grasshopper Annotations brings analysis to the table during the administration of tutorials.

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