KAFD Spas Facade

A multidisciplinary team has joined together to implement Tessellate™ technology – a dynamic perforated screen system that regulates light and solar gain – on its first-ever major building. The architectural firm, WORKSBUREAU™, has completed detailed design for twin luxury spas to become the gateway to the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh.

Each building will be wrapped in a perforated titanium rainscreen incorporating the kinetic Tessellate™ system to continuously adjust its opacity in response to changing environmental conditions. Alongside the architect, the Adaptive Building Initiative (a joint venture of Hoberman Associates and Buro Happold) is developing the custom façade that will control light levels in a choreographed guest experience.

Another key member of the team, the A. Zahner Company, has supported the designers in establishing the performance specifications and production plan for the building envelope. Zahner has fabricated and tested a full-scale working mockup out of color-interference titanium that demonstrates the dynamic performance of this unprecedented façade.

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