Life Lamp

Life Lamp
Connecting Design and People Through Emotion

Daniel Nunes Locatelli1, Leonardo Prazeres Veloso de Souza2, Guilherme Giantini3, Vitor Curti4, Carlos Augusto Joly Requena5
1Universität Stuttgart 2Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo – UFBA 3Meristema
4Superlimão 5Estudio Guto Requena
1,2,3,4{daniel.nlocatelli|leoprazeres13|giantinigui|vitorcurti}@gmail. com [email protected]

Nowadays it is possible to use technology to achieve emotion-oriented products related to the user experience. The aim of this paper by Daniel Nunes Locatelli, Leonardo Prazeres Veloso de Souza, Guilherme Giantini, Vitor Curti and Carlos Augusto Joly Requena, is to address a design exploration that combines the use of algorithmic modeling in order to create a design that seeks to express meaning through emotional bonds with people.

Life Lamp was created to represent a life cycle as a sensitive object consisting of three layers and a unique shade that produces a complex image, expressing the paths and surprises of our existence. The design process is a hybrid between top-down and bottom-up approaches.

The designers worked both with a predefined heart-like 3D model as the design base and with agent-based modeling, widely explored by Craig Reynolds in the 1980s. Life lamp is a product that emerged as a result of Estudio Guto Requena’s research that investigates the impact of digital culture through design by seeking to merge technology and affection.

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