Noise Barrier

Noise barrier
Automation of the building design of
noise barrier

Jawad Mohamad
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Degree Programme in Constructioin Engineering

The objective of the thesis by Jawad Mohamad is to research and achieve fast modeling and algorithmic automation solutions which provide engineers with a strong and efficient tool to experiment with different solutions of complex noise barriers within a short time.

The aim of the thesis is to develop and demonstrate the capabilities of the author in applying the knowledge and skills required for practical expert tasks related to noise barrier structures. The topic of the thesis is a working life related.

The objective is to learn to independently gather information about the automation of noise barrier design and analyze current features of the automation at the company Ramboll Oy. In addition, finding and solving problems of complex structures by developing new features in the noise barrier automation.

With modern engineering programs software, structural design and dimension drawing production are digitalized into data modeling and structural analysis. This kind of digitalization and development of algorithm-based modeling can be utilized to the time required for structural design and automate noise barrier components.

In more detail, the thesis focuses on how structural noise barrier design can be parameterized by algorithms and thus automated. In addition, the automated system is intended to produce a two-dimensional drawing of the noise barrier structure.

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