Phoresy Pack

Imagine the perfect backpack. Think of its shape, volume, the type of strap, and how you’ll wear it. Now go get it! That’s the idea behind the Phoresy Pack by Stepan Drunks. Each individual one is unique, created by the user himself through a simple online interface wrapped around a generative design platform.

Apart from offering control over some purely aesthetic parameter, the software lets the customer choose backpack’s shape, volume, strapping type and the overall positioning to the Pack on the body. This ensures that every Phoresy Pack fits its wearer in terms of style, function and ergonomics.

What allows this level of configurability is the unique material at the core of Phoresy Pack’s structure. Its CNC milled, full grain cowhide leather folded into a triangular crease pattern is derived from a study of expandable structures.

From the inside the leather shell is also covered with lycra textile which adds softness and elasticity to the backpack and makes it more adjustable to the volume of it’s contents and the wearer’s body. The rest of the bag is manufactured from thinner wet-formed leather in pieces layered over cork inserts.

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