Rabbit by Morphocode is an open-source plug-in for McNeel’s Grasshopper that simulates biological and physical processes. Rabbit comes with a set of 13 components allowing you to model cellular automata and L-systems directly inside Rhino and Grasshopper 3D.

It provides an easy way to explore natural phenomena such as pattern formation, self-organization and emergence.

Cellular automata are simple computer programs that can generate complex behavior. Cellular Automata have been widely used to model city growth and urban sprawl. RABBIT provides an easy way to run multiple types of Cellular Automata straight into Grasshopper & Rhino.

L-systems have been extensively used to model natural phenomena and plant growth. They find application in generative urban models, in generative art and music. RABBIT can create 2-D and 3-D L-systems using the special Turtle & L-System components.

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