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Anemone Grasshopper3d Plugin


Anemone by Mateusz Zwierzycki  enables you to create loops in Grasshopper. The basic workflow relies on two main components : Loop Start and Loop End

Paneling Tools Rhino3d Grasshopper3d Plugin

Paneling Tools

PanelingTools plugin by Robert McNeel & Associates is integrated with Rhino and Grasshopper and is widely used by designers, architects, and building prefessionals. It supports intuitive design of paneling concepts as well as help rationalize complex geometry.

Flatworm Grasshopper3d Plugin for generating rigidly foldable quadrilateral meshes RFQM and Miura Ori fold


Flatworm by jakobl is a GHPython implementation of the pure-python module for generating ‘rigidly foldable quadrilateral meshes’ (RFQM) in Grasshopper. Flatworm provides basic means of generating Miura Ori fold pattern as well.

Chimpanzee Grasshopper3d Plugin for fractal enthusiasts


Chimpanzee by matous111 is a Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino 6 written in Python which focuses on fractal math and chaos theory. Chimpanzee contains currently 71 components.

Timber Plate Structures Grasshopper3d Plugin

Timber Plate Structures

TPS by C.Robeller is a Grasshopper Plugin for the design of freeform Timber Plate Structures. It is meant for discrete structures, built from separate pieces which are connected with joints. The resulting meshes are not necessarily flat-foldable as in Origami.

Intralattice Grasshopper3d Plugin


Intralattice by dnkrtz, is a plug-in for Grasshopper used to generate solid lattice structures within a design space. It was developed as an extensible, open-source alternative to current commercial solutions, such as Within.

Cocoon Grasshopper3d Plugin


Cocoon by David Stasiuk is an add-on to McNeel’s Grasshopper visual scripting interface for Rhinoceros. Cocoon is a fairly straightforward implementation of the Marching Cubes algorithm for turning iso-surfaces into polygonal meshes.

NGon Grasshopper3d Plugin


Mesh NGon Methods for Grasshopper and Rhino 6 by petras_vestartas: NGon Create, Vertex, Edge, Face Adjacency queries, Subdivide, Planarize, Transform, Utilities. Essentially it is a plug-in for polygonal meshes.

GECO Grasshopper3d Plugin


Making use of Grasshopper uto developed an interface named GECO, which offers a direct link between Rhino/Grasshopper models and Ecotect. The Plugin allows you to export complex geometries very quickly and evaluate your design in Ecotect.

Crystallon Grasshopper3d Plugin


Crystallon by aporterfield is an open source project for creating lattice structures using Rhino and Grasshopper3D. Each tool is left as a cluster which can be opened and modified at will, in the spirit of open source.

Fox Grasshopper3d Plugin


Fox by petras_vestartas includes series of algorithms for Graphs, Aggregations, Iso-surfaces. It was developed for Aggregation and Graph-Based Modelling Workshop at Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA).

Panther Grasshopper3d Plugin


Panther by Panther Technologies combines the most versatile Jewelry Builders with an Interactive Gallery bringing premeditated parts to go into construction of a complete final piece.

4D Noise Grasshopper3d Plugin

4D Noise

4D Noise component by creates Perlin and Simplex noise. This add-on forms smooth 4D Perlin noise and Simlex noise, two very well-known smooth noise functions investigated by Ken Perlin.

Parakeet Grasshopper3d Plugin


Parakeet by Esmaeil is a collection of components focusing in Algorithmic Pattern Generation; it offers a Unique and easy-to-use approach that Generates Geometrical and Natural Patterns/Networks.

Wallacei, an evolutionary multi-objective optimization engine


Wallacei (which includes Wallacei Analytics and Wallacei X) is an evolutionary multi-objective optimization engine that allows users to run evolutionary simulations in Grasshopper 3D.

Pufferfish Grasshopper3d Plugin


Pufferfish by ekimroyrp is a set of 305 components which focuses on Tweens, Blends, Morphs, Averages, Transformations, & Interpolations. Pufferfish mainly uses parameters and factors for inputs for more custom control over operations like tweens.

Dendro Grasshopper3d Plugin


Dendro by ryein is a volumetric modeling plug-in for Grasshopper built on top of the OpenVDB library. It provides multiple ways to wrap points, curves, and meshes as a volumetric data type.

Conduit Grasshopper Plugin

Conduit Plugin

Conduit is an open source plug-in authored by Proving Ground. Conduit enables designers to create custom data visualizations and heads up displays that update with your parametric models.