Orbi Grasshopper3d Plugin


Orbi by ar_grasshopper_collective_thn is a plug-in for Grasshopper that generates patterns parametrically with symmetry groups. Orbi allows to select a symmetry group and define any geometry as the fundamental region of a pattern.

Minimal Surface Creator Grasshopper3d Plugin

Minimal Surface

Minimal Surface Creator by Cerver is a grasshopper plugin that generates minimal surfaces from boundary curves or do a minimal relaxation on a mesh.

Rooster Grasshopper3d Plugin


Rooster by forest hell is a plugin useful for extracting curves from images; a process commonly known as Vectorization of an image.  The Rooster component is present under the ‘Params’ tab in the ‘Utils’ sub-category.

Mesh Mirror Cut Pufferfish plugin

Mesh Mirror Cut

Mesh Mirror Cut a plugin by Michael Pryor which now is a part of Pufferfish, is inspired by Autodesk Maya’s Mirror Cut tool, which is great for creating symmetry.

GRay Grasshopper3d Plugin for rendering


GRay by Friedrich Söllner is a Parametric Material Generator for the Rhino Render Plugin V-Ray, with a flexible and easy to use interface for single renderings as well as animation.

Animation Grasshopper3d Plugin


Animation is a lightweight plug-in by dbddqy that helps designers to make better animations with less effort.

QuadEdgeDataStructure Grasshopper3d Plugin

Quad Edge

A ‚QuadEdgeDataStructure‘ is used to represent a n-gonal Mesh without making any difference between primal and dual elements. The (relativ) dual-graph is holded in a valid state during any topological operation.

Hermit Crab Grasshopper3d Plugin Social Distancing

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab by jim.peraino for Grasshopper is a tool that analyzes floorplans to find zones that aren’t conducive to social distancing — areas like aisles or workstations.

Dome Grasshopper3d Plugin


Dome by Ehsan samadi creates a frame dome by designing a profile curve in xy plan. You can edit the curve and the dome will update. This component is in the user menu.

Docofossor Grasshopper3d Plugin


Docofossor by Mathias Bernhard and Ilmar Hurkxkens is a terrain modeling plugin for Rhino 6 + Grasshopper. It enables easy editing of cut and fill operations for landscape architecture.

Nursery Grasshopper3d Plugin


Nursery by Gwyllim Jahn is a behavioural design framework for Grasshopper. It consists of a set of tools for creating Agents and Behaviours and executing these behaviours on a multithreaded simulation core. 

FractureHopper Grasshopper3d Plugin


FractureHopper by albertovalis is an extension of GH for fractal math and chaos theory. It extends grasshopper with a number of utilities: Julia 2D and 3D sets and tests, Lorenz attractors, Rabinovich-Fabrikant maps, Bifurcation diagrams.

Element Grasshopper3d Plugin


Element by by Luis Quinones is a mesh geometry plugin for Grasshopper, enabling mesh creation, analysis, transformation, subdivision, and smoothing.



For designers who want to use the same flexible language everywhere, GhPython by giulio@mcneel.com is the Python interpreter component for Grasshopper that allows to execute dynamic scripts of any type.

BOID Library Grasshopper3d Plugin

BOID Library

The BOID library by Jan Pernecky operates exclusively with Agent locations (Grasshopper points) and Agent motion vectors (Grasshopper vectors). Each component calculates specific motion vector based on certain Agent behavior.

Mosquito Grasshopper3d Plugin


Mosquito by Carson Smuts is a plugin suite developed for Rhino and Grasshopper. The plugin allows us to tap into social , financial and popular media. Extracting location, buildings, roads, OpenStreetMap data, profiles, images and messages from Facebook,Twitter, etc….

Tarsier Grasshopper3d Plugin


Tarsier by camnewnham is intended for use with Grasshopper, an extension to the 3D software Rhinoceros 3D. It’s primary purpose is to add the point cloud functionality already apparent in Rhinoceros 5 to Grasshopper, with the ambition of treating point clouds as another useful data type.

Zebra Grasshopper3d Plugin for agent based design


Zebra is a C# grasshopper plugin, developped by YFA team when a need came for an agent based design plugin that can do the following: Optimized plugin to flock at least 100 agents with no performance issues, Combining behaviours with each dynamically and in the same simulation…

Digitalis 3D Grasshopper3d Plugin for digital design of intricate lattice structures

Digitalis 3D

Digitalis 3D by digitalis3d aims to facilitate digital design of intricate lattice structures with controlled local and global properties. It supports smart and flexible automatic generation of 3d lattices with finely tuned local structural, mechanical and porosity properties.

GluLamb Grasshopper3d Plugin for modelling free-form timber structures


GluLamb by Tom Svilans is a toolkit for modelling free-form timber structures in Rhino 6. This software has come out of the PhD project Integrated material practice in free-form timber structures.

Impala Grasshopper3d Plugin


Impala by dcascaval replicates common bottleneck Grasshopper operations with a focus on efficiency, allowing complex scripts and static simulations embedded within Grasshopper to make use of all available computational capacity.

Numerical Geometry Grasshopper3d Plugin

Numerical Geometry

Numerical Geometry Utility by NJ Namju Lee, NJStudio is an add on for Grasshopper3d for analysis. It’s an outcome from a research in Computaional Design.

TIE (Tensegrity Integration Element) Grasshopper3d Plugin


The TIE (Tensegrity Integration Element) by son2yyk is developed to help utilizing Tensegrity system. This tool resolved the issue of adapting the tensegrity structure to the building.

Digitally Conscious Design From the Ideation of a Lamp to its Fabrication as a Case Study

Conscious Design

This research by Carlos L. Marcos, Mara Capone and Emanuela Lanzara tries to reflect on the idea of digitally conscious design, from the inception to the manufacturing process of a prototype.

Jellyfish Grasshopper3d Plugin for Implicit modeling


Jellyfish by Smei is an Implicit modeling plugin for Rhino Grasshopper. It utilized Ryan Schmidt(author of Autodesk Meshmixer)’s brilliant open-source geometry3Sharp library. The goal of the plugin is to provide an intuitive and fast way to model, manipulate and visualize implicit geometries.

Squid Grasshopper3d Plugin


Squid by Mateusz Zwierzycki enables to create drawings using Grasshopper. By utilizing Data Trees it can also render animations (as .png sequences). A marriage between raster and vector imaging, bounded with parametric interface.

Culebra Grasshoppe3d Plugin


Culebra.NET by Luis Quinones is a 2D|3D Multi Object Behavior library written in C# (Wrapper around Culebra Java library) focused on hybrid system interactions with custom Visualization, Data, and performance features.

Starfish Grasshopper3d Plugin 2D Pattern


Starfish by Michael Weizmann is a Grasshopper plugin that allows parametric generation of various patterns. It focuses on 2d tessellations that can be used to create structural systems based on topological interlocking principle. 

Tundra Grasshopper3d Plugin


Tundra by Miroljub is a one stop grasshopper plugin for generating complex noise patterns. Includes noise generators as well as lots of useful methods such as filters, modifiers, combiners, transformations. 

Fractals Grasshopper3d Plugin


Fractals is a plugin for Grasshopper that allows users to create 3 different types of mathematically generated fractals.