Rigid Foldable Origami

Rigid-foldable systems inspired by Origami enable the development of complex structures only governed by few variables. A method to design deployable structures considering geometrical and structural issues is described. Drawing of the geometry and analysis of the structural behaviour are integrated in a continuous process to find the best configuration of deployment. Parametric design is proposed as the ideal powerful method for modelling Origami structures, applicable in both geometrical and analysis processes.

The parametric software Grasshopper has been applied to draw the geometry and to control the leading configuration parameters, while FEA software has been used to study the structural behaviour. To connect parametric and structural analysis software, GeometryGym (Grasshopper plug-in) has been investigated as particularly interesting to define the structural features. The purpose of this paper by Giulia Curletto is to provide a guideline to design Origami structures using parametric methodology and to describe drawing and structural analysis steps applied to two specific cases: Waterbomb and Yoshimura Origami.

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