Sitskie Furniture

During his time in the furniture business, designer Adam Friedman has learned that people have a love/hate relationship with upholstered furniture. They enjoy the softness of its seating but have concerns about damage to the fabric and the longevity of style.

Friedman, under the name Sitskie Furniture, created a unique solution for these potential problems–he combined the comfort of upholstery with the durability and cleanliness of wood. Small compressed lumber blocks form the seats of chairs and benches, and the individual interlocking elements gently mold to the body when sitting or lying on them. This allows cozy seating for hours with no cushion necessary.

Sitskie’s unites their sleek pieces under the name The Block System. Each item is made from solid domestic hardwood and comes in a walnut or a ghost oak finish. They’re hand-constructed in Los Angeles, using local independent artisans.

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