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Parametric Urban Morphology

Parametric Urban Morphology

This research by Yingyi Zhang aims to create a parametric modelling system to aid urban regulation. The system offers a visualised coding interface to manipulate parameters and achieve interactive performance feedback at the early stage of urban regulation.

Parametric Landscape Urbanism

Parametric Urbanism

This thesis by Sadik Deniz Akman discusses the emerging approaches in landscape urbanism from a methodological perspective and discusses the emerging techniques applied in the recent design and research projects in landscape urbanism. The study mainly focuses on design tools and techniques applied in the field.

Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design

SimAUD 2016 Proceedings

This document edited by Ramin Attar, Angelos Chronis, Sean Hanna and Michela Turrin includes subjects presented in SimAUD 2016 like building simulation, daylighting, urban networks & analysis, agent base modeling, data driven design, urban data, design decision support, design computation & methods, fabrication and form finding