TOP 10 3D Printed Creations

This parametric design video is about TOP 10 3D Printed Creations

**Make sure you check the description to see where the videos came from** 1st Clip: Video Clip from Envato 2nd Clip: Carbon 3D Printer! 10. Walking Gyroscope… 9. CNC Multi-Tool Machine… 8. Cortex Cast 7. Dodecahedron Speaker… 6. Forms In Nature Light… 5. Toyota Replica Model… 4. Local Motors Car 3. Jet Engine (Metal Replica)… 2. Protohouse Scaled Model & Jin Hai Resort… 1. Apartment Building… Music: “Sci-Fi Background Loop” By Sound Tricks “Synergy in Matrix” By Musicalman Both licences purchased from Envato/PremiumBeat Thanks to everyone who shared their unique creation!