Distributed voxelized adaptive formwork

Samuel Leder1, Ramon Weber2, Lauren Vasey3, Maria Yablonina4, Achim Menges5
1,2,3,4,5Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD), University of
Stuttgart, https://www.icd.uni-stuttgart.de/
[email protected]

Advances in computational form finding and simulation enable the creation of highly efficient structurally aware freeform geometries. Using significantly less material than standardized building elements there are significant challenges in their materialization.

This paper by Samuel Leder, Ramon Weber, Lauren Vasey, Maria Yablonina and Achim Menges presents Voxelcrete, a discrete, voxel-based, reconfigurable slip formwork system for the creation of non-standard concrete structures. Authors aim to transition from highly individualized and complex formworks tailored for individual structures to simple formworks that can be reused and reconfigured to realize a variety of designs.

Voxelcrete is a robotically tended formwork system in which modular formwork units are iteratively arranged for continuous casts of concrete. The system allows for the production of large scale concrete objects using reconfigurable, adaptive formwork. This paper shows the conceptualization and development of the system and expands on the existing notion of adaptive formwork.

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