Spatial Wire Cutting

Spatial Wire Cutting

This thesis by Romana Rust, develops around a multi-robotic hot-wire cutting technique, that allows to significantly expand the set of possible hot-wire cutting geometries. This technique modulates the curvature of the hot-wire…

Robotic Fabrication Simulation

Robotic Fabrication

This thesis by Augusto Gandia, investigates computational design methods to tackle two of the most relevant challenges of robotically assembling spatial structures, which include the generation of collision-free robot paths and the handling of tolerance build-up.

Robotic Constraints Informed Design

Robotic Constraints

In this paper, authors explore the various constraints in robotic fabrication and assembly processes, analyze their influence on design, and propose a methodology which bridges the gap between parametric design and robotic production.

Cooperative Robotic Fabrication

Cooperative Robotic Fabrication

This paper by Andreas Thoma, David Jenny, Matthias Helmreich, Augusto Gandia, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, presents a novel constructive system made solely of wood, enabled by a cooperative robotic fabrication process.

Mobile Robotic Brickwork

Mobile Robotic Brickwork

This paper, describes the implementation of a discrete in situ construction process using a location-aware mobile robot. An undulating dry brick wall is semi-autonomously fabricated in a laboratory environment set up to mimic a construction site.

Robotically-Constructed Metal Frame Structures

Metal Frame Structures

In this paper, authors present a computational technique that aids with the design of structurally-sound metal frames, tailored for robotic fabrication using an existing process that integrates automated bar bending, welding, and cutting.

Eggshell: Ultra-Thin 3D Printed Formwork


This article, presents one possible application, a novel fabrication process that combines large-scale robotic fused deposition modeling 3D printing with simultaneous casting of a fast-hardening, set-on-demand concrete.

Robotically Fabricated Ice Formwork

Ice Formwork

This document by Enrico Pontello, Martin Tamke and Vasily Sitnikov, focuses on the exploration of casting complex concrete architectural elements with ice formwork.

Architectural Robotics

Architectural Robotics

In this thesis by Ardavan Bidgoli, author has investigated the architectural robotics opportunities by reviewing its design space and characteristics in academia and practice.



By integrating responsive sensing systems, this paper demonstrates real-time feedback loops that consider the spontaneous agency and intuition of the architect (or craftsperson) rather than the execution of static or predetermined designs.

Spatial Timber Assembly

Spatial Timber

This paper presents a number of novel computational and robotic fabrication techniques in designing, cutting and positioning. These techniques were explored through the robotic fabrication and assembly of a double-curved reciprocal frame wall.

Timber Joints Fabrication

Timber Joints

This paper will explore how the Dougong components could be reinvented through the use of parametric tools and robotic fabrication methods and thus applied to contemporary architectural structures.

CRAFTING DECISIONS Integrating design, fabrication

Crafting Decisions

In this thesis by Molly Mason, author proposes the integration of robotic fabrication and assembly constraints into the design process to use as drivers for form-finding. The framework for this is created through codifying material processes and assembly logics.

Robotic Contouring

Robotic Contouring

This paper by Andrei Gheorghe, Philipp Hornung, Sigurd Reiss and Robert Vierlinger provides insight into a new robotic plastic forming process through the prototypical construction of a full scale structure.

Wander Wood Pavilion

Wander Wood Pavilion

Robots sliced the interlocking, curved wooden slats that form this sculptural bench, which is currently installed on the campus of the Vancouver’s University of British Columbia.

Design and Fabrication with Robot as Brick-laying tool

Brick Laying Robot

This paper presents methodology and implementation of parametric architectural design of bricklaying walls fabricated by industrial robotic arm. As a design tool Grasshopper is used, a visual programming editor that runs within the Rhinoceros 3D CAD application.

Glass Vault Robotic Fabrication

Glass Vault

The Glass Vault is a joint effort between SOM and Princeton University c.r.e.A.te lab and Form Finding Lab, with assistance from the TU Delft Glass Group and is one of the SOM’s latest demonstration projects in automated robotic construction.

Voxelcrete Distributed voxelized adaptive formwork


This paper by Samuel Leder, Ramon Weber, Lauren Vasey, Maria Yablonina and Achim Menges presents Voxelcrete, a discrete, voxel-based, reconfigurable slip formwork system for the creation of non-standard concrete structures.

Tangible Computing Manufacturing Logics

Tangible Computing

This paper by Andrea Quartara and Angelo Figliola explores the process of digital materialization through robotic fabrication techniques by presenting three wooden projects.

Robotic Production Immanent Design

Robotic Production

This paper by Sigrid Brell-Cokcan and Johannes Braumann, elaborates on the concept of production-immanent design for robotic fabrication.

Dragon Skin Pavilion

Dragon Skin Pavilion

The Dragon Skin is a robotically fabricated temporary pavilion, installed at the University of British Columbia. It is the result of a workshop hosted by the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing.

Complex Timber Structures

Complex Timber Structures

This thesis by Aleksandra Anna Apolinarska presents methods for designing novel types of timber bar structures arising from new robot-based fabrication and assembly processes.

Robotic Technologies for Architecture

Robotic Technologies

the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Porto and the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science concluded a research project on the use of robotic fabrication technologies in architecture and building construction.

Biological Computation for Digital Design

Biological Computation

In this paper by Neri Oxman et al. the formation of non-woven fibre structures generated by the Bombyx mori silkworm is explored as a computational approach for shape and material optimization.

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print by Gramazio Kohler Research is the first large-scale architectural installation to be automatically printed by robotic machines.

Biomimetic Robotic Construction

Biomimetic Construction

In this paper by Chi-Li Cheng and June-Hao Hou, authors attempt to develop a construction process which is suitable for all-terrain construction robot in the future. This construction process is inspired by beavers’ construction.

Adaptive Industrial Robot Control for Designers

Adaptive Robot Control

In this research by Shani Sharif, Varun Agrawal and Larry Sweet, authors present a system to allow designers to adaptively control an industrial robot from within a 3D modeling environment, for the purpose of real time feedback.

Robotics in Architecture

Robotics in Architecture

This study by Mads Brath Mads Brath and Avishek Das investigates the technological and methodological challenges in establishing an indeterministic approach to robotic fabrication that allows for a collaborative and creative design/fabrication process.

Building Traditions with Digital Research Brick Architecture through Robotic Fabrication

Building Traditions

Robotic assembly technologies have been introduced in the field of architecture, opening new design and construction possibilities. This paper by Rui Oliveira and Jose Pedro Sousa intends to examine their application by examining how they can be used to connect with the traditions in brick construction.

Digital fabrication phasing for monolithic shells

Monolithic Shells

This paper by Stephanie CHALTIEL and Maite BRAVO exposes the process for the implementation of new digital and physical methods for monolithic  shells design  and construction  using digital  fabrication  techniques  combined  with enjoyable manual craft.