Water Ripples

For World Water Day 2018, Hypersonic was invited to make a kinetic sculpture to act as a centerpiece for donation efforts at a collaborative fundraising event sponsored by Water.org and Stella Artois. Water Ripples is a sculpture designed to celebrate the beauty and power of water, surrounding visitors in waves in response to donations made to the water access charity.

Water Ripples is composed of 600 handmade water droplets, controlled by custom designed motorized winches. Custom circuit boards and software allow the elements to animate through sculptural forms, creating impressions of waves and underwater life around visitors. The sculpture moves smoothly through algorithmically generated ambient wave forms, descending to surround visitors with a variety of water-inspired forms when an event visitor contributes a donation.

Water Ripples was installed in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal for the week of World Water Day 2018, in collaboration with Media Monks and Mother New York.