Composite Morphologies

How can design computation work as an interface between the virtual design space and the physical realization space, while forming a point of confluence within a multidisciplinary design and construction methodology? In an integrated design process for fiber composite structures in architecture (one based on morphogenesis of fibrous structures in nature), form generation and materialization are highly interrelated thereby leading to a synergy of form and materiality.

This paper by Moritz Dörstelmann, Stefana Parascho, Marshall Prado, Achim Menges and Jan Knippers examines the framework of integrative computational design methodologies incorporating material, structure, fabrication and morphogenetic principles for the design development and digital fabrication of lightweight fiber-reinforced composite components.

This process is discussed through the case study, ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2013-14, including project-specific applications and the implementation of computational tools.

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