GluLamb by Tom Svilans is a toolkit for modelling free-form timber structures in Rhino 6. This software has come out of the PhD project Integrated material practice in free-form timber structures as part of the InnoChain network, based at CITA and supported by industrial partners White arkitekter AB and Blumer Lehmann AG.

Features include:

  • Creating straight, single-curved, and double-curved glulams with specific cross-section dimensions.
  • Different options for orienting the cross-section – a single vector, multiple vectors, a rail curve, a surface, etc.
  • Tools for analyzing the amount of bending in a glulam.
  • Tools for analyzing the wood fibre direction with respect to the surface geometry of a beam element.
  • Tools for extracting specifications from the glulam model such as sizing and count of lamellae, volume, etc.
  • Tools for extracting specific features from the glulam: surfaces that follow the cross-section orientation, edges, cross-sections planes at specific points along the glulam, etc.