Jellyfish by Smei is an Implicit modeling plugin for Rhino Grasshopper. It utilized Ryan Schmidt(author of Autodesk Meshmixer)’s brilliant open-source geometry3Sharp library. The goal of the plugin is to provide an intuitive and fast way to model, manipulate and visualize implicit geometries through Grasshopper’s visual programming user interface and geometry3Sharp’s fast isosurface generation algorithm, which utilized marching cubes algorithm with Parallel Computing option.

Geometry3Sharp only supports triangle-based meshes. Jellyfish will automatically convert Rhino meshes to geometry3Sharp meshes and vice versa. In other words, Rhino mesh and geometry3Sharp mesh can act transparently. If you need quad meshes, Rhino WIP’s QuadRemesh and SubD tools are very handy and work well to the generated isosurfaces with simple to intermediate complexity.

For some very complex isosurfaces, like the gyroid surface in the below examples, it will take a while to compute the resulting quad mesh and the result is not always desired. For these kinds of isosurfaces, you can try to break down the surfaces and do the remesh one by one. Or in the case of a gyroid surface, since it is periodic, you can remesh one unit of gyroid surface, and then stack it to generate the desired result.

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  • SeanZ001

    Unfortunately, Jellyfish isn’t working in Rhino 7. What version did you use when creating this tutorial? Thx