Voronax Grasshopper3d Plugin


Voronax_GH is a Grasshopper Component based on the existing eVe | voronax plug-in for Rhino by Programming Architecture. The Component was developed in cooperation with Lorenzo Greco.

Stripper Grasshopper3d Plugin


This toolkit by joncorrod focuses on the versatile nature of meshes, providing various effective functionalities for working with and editing mesh topology.

Parametric Design Software

Parametric Design Software

With this Master Thesis by Thomas Stephan Dirk Dührsen, author is showing how the power and benefits of reusable and interchangeable logic and algorithms can be applied to the workflow of designing membrane structures.

Loop Grasshopper3d Plugin


Loop by Antonio Turiello is a simple component to iterate generative shapes with Grasshopper

Chameleon Grasshopper3d Plugin


Chameleon by MWG creates a live link between Grasshopper and Zbrush to quickly exchange geometry and parametrically set up command sequences. You can quickly send preset commands or your own custom ZScript to Zbrush.

Geodesic Heat Method Grasshopper3d Plugin

Geodesic Heat Method

Geodesic Heat Method Is a small plugin by Mathwhittaker which Implements the Heat Method created by Keenan Crane. It contains three components…

Physarealm Grasshopper3d Plugin


Physarealm by maajor is a grasshopper plugin for agent-based modelling based on Physarum Polycephalum. It is a stigmergy algorithms similar to ant colony algorithm. 

HankinArrow Grasshopper3d Plugin


HankinArrow by Rudwankd is an islamic ornament drawing assistant. This is an experimental plugin to help those who research and/or draw islamic ornaments mostly to automate repeatable constructs.

Super Delaunay Grasshopper3d Plugin

Super Delaunay

Super Delaunay plugin by Daniel González Abaldeallows you to compute the power diagram on a set of weighted points and returns: weighted voronoi, minimum spanning tree, relative neighbourhood graph, nearest neighbor graph…

String Art Generator Grasshopper3d Plugin

String Art Generator

String Art Generator by Yiran is a grasshopper plugin which generates a string art sequence based on an input image. You can use this plug-in to make your own string art. 

Rooster Grasshopper3d Plugin


Rooster by forest hell is a plugin useful for extracting curves from images; a process commonly known as Vectorization of an image.  The Rooster component is present under the ‘Params’ tab in the ‘Utils’ sub-category.

QuadEdgeDataStructure Grasshopper3d Plugin

Quad Edge

A ‚QuadEdgeDataStructure‘ is used to represent a n-gonal Mesh without making any difference between primal and dual elements. The (relativ) dual-graph is holded in a valid state during any topological operation.

Element Grasshopper3d Plugin


Element by by Luis Quinones is a mesh geometry plugin for Grasshopper, enabling mesh creation, analysis, transformation, subdivision, and smoothing.

BOID Library Grasshopper3d Plugin

BOID Library

The BOID library by Jan Pernecky operates exclusively with Agent locations (Grasshopper points) and Agent motion vectors (Grasshopper vectors). Each component calculates specific motion vector based on certain Agent behavior.

Tarsier Grasshopper3d Plugin


Tarsier by camnewnham is intended for use with Grasshopper, an extension to the 3D software Rhinoceros 3D. It’s primary purpose is to add the point cloud functionality already apparent in Rhinoceros 5 to Grasshopper, with the ambition of treating point clouds as another useful data type.

Impala Grasshopper3d Plugin


Impala by dcascaval replicates common bottleneck Grasshopper operations with a focus on efficiency, allowing complex scripts and static simulations embedded within Grasshopper to make use of all available computational capacity.

Numerical Geometry Grasshopper3d Plugin

Numerical Geometry

Numerical Geometry Utility by NJ Namju Lee, NJStudio is an add on for Grasshopper3d for analysis. It’s an outcome from a research in Computaional Design.

Jellyfish Grasshopper3d Plugin for Implicit modeling


Jellyfish by Smei is an Implicit modeling plugin for Rhino Grasshopper. It utilized Ryan Schmidt(author of Autodesk Meshmixer)’s brilliant open-source geometry3Sharp library. The goal of the plugin is to provide an intuitive and fast way to model, manipulate and visualize implicit geometries.

Squid Grasshopper3d Plugin


Squid by Mateusz Zwierzycki enables to create drawings using Grasshopper. By utilizing Data Trees it can also render animations (as .png sequences). A marriage between raster and vector imaging, bounded with parametric interface.

Culebra Grasshoppe3d Plugin


Culebra.NET by Luis Quinones is a 2D|3D Multi Object Behavior library written in C# (Wrapper around Culebra Java library) focused on hybrid system interactions with custom Visualization, Data, and performance features.

OctaTree Grasshopper3d Plugin for voxelization


OctaTree plugin by samalika3 includes 3 capsules. They provide the algorithm of voxelization, based on octree structure. It works much faster then, f.e. creating the definition with a 3D array of points. 

Hummingbird Grasshopper3d Plugin Revit


Hummingbird by Mario Guttman is a set of Grasshopper components that facilitate the creation of Revit native geometry. This process exports basic geometric properties and parameter data to CSV text files which are used to create Revit BIM geometry.

Chromodoris Grasshopper3d Plugin


The goal of this library by camnewnham is to provide efficient and simple functionality to extend the creation, usage and display of meshes.

Starling mesh tools Grasshopper3d Plugin


Starling mesh tools by Mateusz Zwierzycki. These components enable mesh parametrization, so it behaves like a surface – you can evaluate points at any place etc. 

Shortest Walk Grasshopper3d Plugin

Shortest Walk

The ShortestWalk add-on for Grasshopper exposes one component which, given a network of curves and a list of lines, calculates the shortest route from line start point to line end points in a network. It is based on a topology calculator and the A* search algorithm.

Atträctor Grasshopper3d Plugin


Atträctor by Friedrich Söllner is an easy to use tool to transform grids according to given attractor geometry. This tool was developed for a beginners Grasshopper workshop at the Städelschule architecture class in Frankfurt/Germany.

Ladybug Grasshopper3d Plugin


Ladybug by Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari allows you to import and analyze standard weather data in Grasshopper; draw diagrams like Sun-path, wind-rose, radiation-rose, etc.

GeoDex Grasshopper3d Plugin


GeoDex 3 GH by David Mans is the Grasshopper 3D implementation of the GeoDex Library, a collection of around 150 curve, surface, and volume equations.

Hoopsnake Grasshopper3d Plugin


Hoopsnake by yconst is a component that enables feedback loops within Grasshopper. What it does in principle is to create a copy of the data it receives at it’s input upon user request and store it locally.

Parametric Canvas

Parametric Canvas

In this grasshopper definition by defining size of a rectangle you can create a parametric canvas which you can control with a number slider.