OpenNest by Petras Vestartas is a Grasshopper plugin with tools for unrolling, packing and of course nesting curves directly inside the definitions. The library is based on Boost 1.62 that is used to compute NFP – No Fit Polygon. For now it consists only of 1 component that is located in Grasshopper: Params tab -> Nest Categary.


  • antonia lopez

    How does it work connecting a curve to a polyline? because it doesnt allow me.

    • rezae

      Hi Hernan.
      So you have to extract the outline of your geometry first and use it as input in OpenNest.
      In order to Nest rest of the geometry you can use the generated Transformation values from the OpenNest output to transform the geometries based on given outlines

      You can see this example :Voronoi Panels

  • Cfeldman

    Wouldn’t it be easier to make a tutorial correctly explaining how “OpenNest” works?
    (1) the definition of Voronoi Panels, to which you refer,
    It seems quite long and complicated, to clearly illustrate the explanation of the question asked…
    ,(2) On the other hand, just by downloading and opening that definition of “”voronoi panels””, you will find a lot of previous orange commands, which do not even allow you to see the correct result of the opennest).
    Wouldn’t it be possible to make a tutorial to correctly understand the errors that occur in OpenNest?
    Thank you

  • Cfeldman

    Opennest file, from Voronoi Panels Tutorial