Parametric Glacier

During the Contemporary Culture Forum White Night, an architecture, light and sound installation Parametric Glacier was on display at the Dome Cathedral garden in Riga. The pavilion was designed by Didzis Jaunzems, an architect who in the recent years has created a range of gorgeous set designs for various music and dance performances in Latvia.

The idea of the pavilion stems from the designers’ interest in the coexistence of natural and artificial elements in the contemporary world. With the development of science and understanding of the laws of nature, man has learned the art of interpretation. For the purposes of environmental improvement it allows to recreate artificial objects that simulate processes in nature.

The Parametric Glacier pavilion conceptually consists of two opposites: ice as everything natural and sincere, an expression of the primeval, and parametric design as a symbol of human interpretation, algorithmic thinking and order.

At the same time, Parametric Glacier reflects on the fusion of various creative genres in contemporary art — the installation unifies architecture, light, sound and science. The glacier is depicted in a computer–generated architectural form, realised in organic polymer materials, while the natural processes are recreated with digital animation, sound recording and artificial lighting.

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