Reprogramming Architecture

Reprogramming Architecture
Learning via Practical Methodologies

Elif Erdine1, Alexandros Kallegias2
1,2Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture

This paper by Elif Erdine and Alexandros Kallegias, aims to address innovative approaches in the pedagogical aspects of architecture by describing the work of AA Summer DLAB and Athens | Istanbul (AI) Visiting Schools of the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture in London.

The presented work is part of a research which enables a more seamless transition from design to fabrication and from academia to profession. The paper formulates the pedagogical and methodological approach towards the integration of generative design thinking, large-scale prototyping, kinetic/interactive design, and participatory design.

As such, a discussion on the methods of overcoming the fragmented nature of architectural education via the elaboration of the methodology, computational setup, fabrication strategies, and interaction / kinetic modes of the selected programmes is aspired.

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