Robotic Construction

In the last 30 years, there has been increasing interest in the adoption of robotics in the construction industry and more recently in architecture. Cutting edge technologies are often pioneered in industries such as automotive, aeronautical and ship building, and take decades to filter into the hands of architects. If this is to change, architects need to be better educated in the field of robotic construction technology. This research by Steven Robert Janssen, catalogues robotic construction technology currently being used by architects and discusses the motivations that drive architects to use this technology. This catalogue includes an interview with architect Dr Simon Weir and investigates his motivation for using robotic construction technologies on a project for an Aboriginal community in central Australia.

Existing frameworks for classifying robotic construction technologies are reviewed and assessed for their suitability for use teaching architecture students about these technologies. This leads to the development of a new conceptual framework for teaching architecture students about robotic construction technology. This conceptual framework classifies the technology according to the role it plays in the construction process, which makes the information more accessible to architects. The developed conceptual framework is implemented by teaching a class of students from the Master of Architecture course at the University of Sydney. Results from this class reveal outcomes for further development of the implementation of the framework into the classroom. A revised course structure is presented along with an appropriate hybrid robotic system for teaching architecture students about robotic construction technology.

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