Scattered Points Voxelization

In this grasshopper example file, you can voxelize a series of parametric random points which are based on some curves as their emitter sources.

Script By: Amir Hossein Khazaei

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  • Mahmood

    Attachment  Screenshot-42.png

    I need some instruction to solve this

    • rezae

      Our internal download link is outdated, please download Pufferfish V3.0 from the Official Link and delete V2.0 version Components Folder.

  • Mahmood

    Hi Rezae!
    I don’t know how to delete the first plugins I download.

    • rezae

      In Grasshopper click on File->Special Folder->Components. Find Pufferfish plugin in that folder, delete and put the new plugin file in the components folder. Thanks