Stellated Cells

In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric pattern from a 2D grid cells.

Script By: Amir Hossein Khazaei

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  • Katja


    Can you explain to me what the component relay does?
    I also didn’t understand the formula after the md slider with the deconstruct and construct point.
    Can you also explain the component data?
    See print screen.

    I had done the exercise myself but my angles were much longer.

    big thanks


    • rezae

      Hi Katja,
      On this canvas both Data and Relay are only used for better readability.

      The process that has been made between deconstruct and construct is to mirror the value of Y, because every two modules are connected by mirrored arms.
      I hope I’m explaining well. Let me know if there is any question or ambiguity