Voronax_GH is a Grasshopper Component based on the existing eVe | voronax plug-in for Rhino by Programming Architecture. The Component was developed in cooperation with Lorenzo Greco.

Voronax is a specific type of structure obtained when a Voronoi diagram is “relaxed” over a free-form surface. Voronax is developed by Milos Dimcic at the Stuttgart University in 2008 as a part of his PhD thesis.

In this plugin, you are getting four Voronax components. Two simple ones (with points and line output) and two with full cell information. This is all you need to know in order to use them:

VorX – generates Voronoi/Voronax/Delaunay structure over a surface/polysurface using existing points :

– Right click on the component – this allows you to choose which structure you want to generate: Voronoi / Voronax or Delaunay

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