Twisting Fractal

In this rhino grasshopper tutorial,we have used Anemone to make a twisting recursive fractal in which the module is based on a polygon moving, rotating and scaling at the same time.

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  • Yury

    I like fractals and draw it.
    Now I see, how can do it on PC.
    Lot of thanks!

    • rezae

      Your welcome

  • thinking247

    Great tutorial! While I was playing around, I noticed that if the segment is a contributor to one of the other inputs, you don’t need the Heteroptera Event Gate. But, of course learning more is always better than learning less. I tried to make my design bend over 180° and while the center of the last poly is on the X plane, the plane of the last poly is not on the X plane. Why not?
    Again, I really love your tutorials.