Digital Fabrication

Simulation and prototyping benefits on digital fabrication
Teaching experience on previous workshops

Pablo Baquero, Faberarium, Colombia
[email protected]
Victor Calixto, UNICAMP, Brasil
[email protected]
Affonso Orciuoli, ESARQ UIC, Spain
[email protected]
Charles C Vincent, Presbyterian University Mackenzie, Brasil
[email protected]

This paper by Pablo Baquero, Victor Calixto, Affonso Orciuoli and Charles C Vincent explains how parametric methods are informed by simulation and prototyping, methods that were deployed during some series of digital fabrication workshops, their evolution and specifically with the objective of fabricating using combination of materials and CNC techniques, such as, 3d printing, laser cutting and milling machine.

Teaching these workshops were the results of simulating and prototyping with students from the Biodigital Master (ESARQ UIC 2016) and a workshop done during Sigradi (Florianopolis 2015).

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