Interactive Kinetic Bricks

Brick has been used in construction since ancient times and has been respected among other tectonic materials throughout the history. Novel technologies recently have opened new horizons in using brick in architectural design. This paper by Mohammad Kouchaki, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, Parastoo Zali and Shahab Ahmadi, investigates innovative implementation of bricks in kinetic architecture.

Kinetic structures usually employ complex and high-cost mechanisms to come into force and their movements might be limited to some conditions. By the use of magnet in digital design, this research examines new methods for performing simple and affordable kinetic structures so as to create interactive relations between architecture and human being. Magnetic energy is applied in two ways to move a roof made of brick which is considered a heavy and masonry material. Consequently, it represents the hidden potentials of magnet as a renewable source of energy.

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