Kinetic Mirror Facade

This paper by Ying Wang and and Florian Heinzelmann demonstrates the work on a kinetic mirror façade, which is able to reflect the daylight via mirrors in order to convey messages. Based on the approach the project also addresses the potential use of daylight in an interactive process outdoors. In others words, the project aims to explore the potential of architectural façades in conveying messages and the relationship of human and architecture from the perspective of human sense. In order to adapt the changing solar conditions and reflect different information, the façade is divided into small panels. All the panels can rotate in three dimensions individually.

The computational approach demonstrated in this paper uses simple geometric and formulas calculation of vectors and angles. In order to control the panels separately, the amount of servo motors will be set up in the installation. The reflected image, which is composed by a great amount of beam spots will not have a high resolution like digital screen. It breaks the conventional reading custom. Since information is not shown clearly, the human mind needs to reconstruct the images. This way human could get a different and abstract experience.

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