Curves Cocoon

In this grasshopper definition we have used the Cocoon plugin to create a voxelized mesh with a set of custom curves and a series of parameters which can change the parametric shape.

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    hi sir. first of all i would like to great you for all this amazing tutorials in this website and in your youtube channel. it is very informative and enjoyable. i got a small problem regarding the Cocoon plugin. when ever i do refinement for the Cocoon mesh it shows me an error. i really don’t know why, but all the the steps a did are correct. However, it keep shows me that there is something wrong in the refinement even if i download a file example from your great work or from their original website. the error remains with no any single clue for the reason. sorry for disturbing. with my regards future architect AM.

    • rezae

      Hi AM,
      I’m glad to hear that! thank you for your encouraging words.
      Can you please send the gh file here or send me a screenshot from the canvas.
      You can also send me the error massage on your “Massage Balloon” (Top right corner of the Refine component)