Rotating Lines Grasshopper3d Definition

Rotating Lines

In this grasshopper definition, you can model two tilted lines and then find a solid which they can go through if they rotate along an axis.

Smooth Junction Grasshopper3d

Smooth Junction

Here is an example of VB script by Laurent DELRIEU for joining quite smoothly extrusions (minimum of 4). He used circles and rounded rectangles as profile for extrusions, but other shapes could be done too.

Sine*Cosine Frames Grasshopper3d Definition Dendro Plugin

Sine*Cosine Frames

In this grasshopper definition you can model a wavy like frame structure around a sphere. First we will extract the vertices of the sphere and then use a Sine*Cosine function to move them around.

Particles Simulation Grasshopper3d Definition flexhopper plugin

Particles Simulation

In this grasshopper definition, you can learn how to simulate the collision of particles by using the Flexhopper plugin.

Wasp Grasshopper3d Plugin


Wasp by Andrea Rossi is a set of Grasshopper components, developed in Python, directed at representing and designing with discrete elements. The description of each individual part includes basic information necessary for the aggregation process.

Parametric Flourish Grasshopper3d Definition

Parametric Flourish

In this grasshopper definition by creating a rotation for a series of circles around a defined axis, you can see the parametric model emerge as they intersect.

AXOLOTL Grasshopper3d Plugin for volumetric modeling


AXOLOTL by worbit provides a set of components for volumetric modeling in Rhino Grasshopper. They work based on the principle of signed distance functions (SDF).

Star Wheel Grasshopper3d Definition 3D Pattern

Star Wheel

In this grasshopper definition by controlling the angle of rotation with a graph mapper you can find and create many different types of geometries.

Triangular Subdivision Grasshopper3d Definition

Triangular Subdivision

In this Grasshopper Definition by using the Anemone plugin you can model a recursive pattern that connects each corner of the face to the center. You can also Mesh+ & Weaverbird to prepare a mesh or a Nurbs surface for the division process.

Panther Grasshopper3d Plugin


Panther by Panther Technologies combines the most versatile Jewelry Builders with an Interactive Gallery bringing premeditated parts to go into construction of a complete final piece.

4D Noise Grasshopper3d Plugin

4D Noise

4D Noise component by [email protected] creates Perlin and Simplex noise. This add-on forms smooth 4D Perlin noise and Simlex noise, two very well-known smooth noise functions investigated by Ken Perlin.

5- Rotating Tower

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to remodel the filzfelt scale wall panels in grasshopper and make them parametric.

Truchet Tile Pattern Grasshopper3d Tutorial

6- Truchet Tile Pattern

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to model a complete 3d Truchet tiles based on pipes. First we are going to explain the logic behind the pattern and then we will model it from scratch.

Parakeet Grasshopper3d Plugin


Parakeet by Esmaeil is a collection of components focusing in Algorithmic Pattern Generation; it offers a Unique and easy-to-use approach that Generates Geometrical and Natural Patterns/Networks.

Kinetic Art Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Kinetic Art #1

In this Kinetic Art tutorial, we are going to model a rotating mechanism by defining the motion of the handle and then use the intersection between circles and the railways to model the mechanism.

Wallacei, an evolutionary multi-objective optimization engine


Wallacei (which includes Wallacei Analytics and Wallacei X) is an evolutionary multi-objective optimization engine that allows users to run evolutionary simulations in Grasshopper 3D.

Pufferfish Grasshopper3d Plugin


Pufferfish by ekimroyrp is a set of 305 components which focuses on Tweens, Blends, Morphs, Averages, Transformations, & Interpolations. Pufferfish mainly uses parameters and factors for inputs for more custom control over operations like tweens.

Dendro Grasshopper3d Plugin


Dendro by ryein is a volumetric modeling plug-in for Grasshopper built on top of the OpenVDB library. It provides multiple ways to wrap points, curves, and meshes as a volumetric data type.

Rolling Circles Spirograph Grasshopper3d Definition

Rolling Circles Spirograph

In this grasshopper definition by creating relative tangent circles which revolve around each other and create different spirograph patterns.

Smooth Mesh Tower Grasshopper3d Definition

Smooth Mesh Tower

In this definition you can use Mesh+ & Weaverbird plugin to smooth a parametric rotating tower and control the bumps.

Fractal Tree Generator Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Fractal Tree Generator

In this Fractal Tree Generator tutorial, we will use Grasshopper3d to model a parametric Fractal tree which can generate different tree models. First, we will use a plane and an arc to define the angle and length of the branches.

Parabolic Curve Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Parabolic Curve

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I want to teach you how you can simply make a parametric parabolic curve. First, we will define the baselines then we will divide it into points and by managing the index of the data we can finally make the pattern.

3d Sphere Wave Grasshopper3d Tutorial

3d Sphere Wave

In this Rhino Grasshopper tutorial you can learn how to apply a sine wave on a sphere based on a point attractor. First we will model a mesh sphere and then we will use the distance between the point attractor and the mesh vertices to move them.

Bounding Box Opt. Grasshopper3d Definition

Bounding Box Opt.

In this definition you can learn how to optimize a bounding box of a solid by using Galapagos and by rotating it around the x,y,z axis. Finally you can use a few simple commands to visualize some of the Data in the rhino viewport.

Lorenz Attractor Grasshopper3d Definition

Lorenz Attractor

In this grasshopper definition you can create the Lorenz attractor by using the differential equations and using the Anemone plugin to simulate the growing curve.

Swarm Fashion Grasshopper3d Definition

Swarm Fashion

In this grasshopper definition we have used the Quelea plugin for agent base modeling. By changing the agents behaviour you can have different conceptual models.

Box-Sphere Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition

Box-Sphere Pattern

In this definition we will find the solid difference between a box and a series of spheres on the corners and the face centers. then we will morph the module into a Nurbs surface.

Collide Sphere Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Collide Sphere

In this Kangaroo Grasshopper tutorial, we will use a simple method of a collision that collides a series of spheres with a solid, based on gravity! We can also add a floor to the definition and let the particles bounce on the floor!

Space Frame Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Space Frame

In this Lunchbox Grasshopper Tutorial, we will model a space frame structure by defining a freeform surface. Then we will project it onto the ground and use the lunchbox “space truss structure 2” to model the lines.