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Kinetic art is art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or that depends on motion for its effect.

Topology optimization is a mathematical method which spatially optimizes the distribution of material within a defined domain, by fulfilling given constraints previously established and minimizing a predefined cost function.

3D printing ceramics has inspired a new generation of artists, sculptors, and architects attracted to the ornate and exceptionally detailed shapes that would be impossible or too labor intensive using traditional ceramic processes.

Minimal surfaces are defined as surfaces with zero mean curvature.Minimal surfaces may also be characterized as surfaces of minimal surface area for given boundary conditions.

The geometric patterns in Islamic tile consist of simple shapes that are combined, interlaced, duplicated, and laid out in complex designs.

In computer science, a fractal tree index is a tree data structure that keeps data sorted and allows searches and sequential access in the same time as a B-tree but with insertions and deletions that are asymptotically faster than a B-tree.

A space-filling curve maps a 1-dimensional space onto a higher-dimensional space, the unit interval onto the unit square.

Dutch design lab Studio Roosegaarde has built a dome of metallic flowers that appear to come to life as they sense the presence of visitors inside a church in Lille, France (+ movie).

Researchers at ETH Zurich have used 3D-printed formwork elements made from recyclable mineral foam to create a pre-cast concrete slab, which they say is lighter and better insulated while using 70 per cent less material.

A variety of structures in nature exhibit sparse, thin, and intricate features.It is challenging to investigate these structural characteristics using ...

The Spain Pavilion aims to become an example of intelligent creativity, capable of uniting people around sustainable projects in the fields of science, technology, production, education and art.

The Ninety Nine Failures pavilion was the extension and expansion of the 1st year master studio project of Obuchi Lab, the University of Tokyo, as collaborative research with Obayashi Corporation.

Designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studios in close collaboration with Google, Bay View is Google’s first-ever ground-up campus with the mission to operate on carbon-free energy, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by 2030.

The Palace of Labour designed and built by Nervi and his son Antonio for the Turin exhibition of 1961 was the result of a competition held in 1959.

The Kinetic Umbrella is an elastically transformable lattice structure for the Kreativquatier in Munich.

Kristine Braanen is a paper cutting artist in Oslo, Norway who loves experimenting and creating with different papers, and most of all working with shapes, patterns and compositions.

MANE, a pioneering French group and one of the worldwide leaders of the Fragrance industry, commissioned MEAN* Middle East Architecture Network to design a temporary pop-up at Dubai's World Trade Center which named Luminescents.

Located by the Australian coastline in Burleigh heads, ‘norfolk’ is the latest mixed-use residential project by Koichi Takada Architects.

Located in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, The Future of Us Pavilion by SUTD Advanced Architecture Laboratory follows the grand tradition of architectural structures that evoke a dialogue with nature.

Arachne by Archi-Solution Workshop, is a digital architectural endeavor to redefine an ordinary building with 3D printed components.

London 2019 – British designer Paul Cocksedge has created Please Be Seated, an undulating communal bench in Finsbury Avenue Square in the heart of Broadgate, London.

The 2016 Serpentine Pavilion, designed by BIG, has today been unveiled at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, London.

Copenhagen studio Henning Larsen Architects and Icelandic studio Batteriid Architects have completed a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland, in collaboration with artist Olafur Eliasson.

Spanish fashion brand Loewe has reopened its Barcelona flagship, which it has transformed into a gallery-like space with an undulating bamboo installation that winds across its surfaces.

For Salone del Mobile 2019, COS partnered with French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani and his eponymous studio to create Conifera, a large scale installation which imagined the future of design, technology and material innovation to create an ethereal journey.

Hangzhou by NBBJ is an Olympic sport center with 80,000 seats which designed to evoke the lotus flowers found in the West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hangzhou that is celebrated for its gardens and temples.

LZ's Love Spa by T-architects is a single building covered with an attractive unique façade, located in Thanh Hoa city, Vietnam.

'Lucerna' is a temporary urban installation designed by Manuel Bouzas and Santiago del Aguila for 'A Cel Obert' Architecture Festival 2021, which took place last fall in Tortosa, Spain.

Sunlit and shaded, enclosed and open, the Ellipsicoon by unstudio is a synthesis of inside and outside space.

Drawing inspiration from the dunes of the surrounding desert and the tents of the Bedouins, this sinuous concrete construction is the Ayla Golf Clubhouse, a work of the firm of Chad Oppenheim.

Intersecting soil toned peaks erupt from the earth to form the dynamic Datong Art Museum by Foster + Partners, conceived as an important new cultural destination in China.

“The catenary and the arc” a Temporary Installation by Manuel Bouzas and Santiago del Aguila architects, in the Can Balaguer courtyard (by the architects Flores y Prats) in Palma de Mallorca.

MaoHaus by AntiStatics Architecture is an experimental façade piece exploring historical context, material potentials, novel fabrication and performative qualities within architecture.

Located along the shores of Wuhan‘s Moon Lake, Qintai Art Museum is designed by Atelier Deshaus as a continuation of the landscape.

The Al Thumama Stadium in Doha designed by Qatari architect Ibrahim M Jaidah and based on a gahfiya cap has been inaugurated ahead of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The Wooden Waves is an architectural installation suspended in the 17 and 71 Newman Street entrance spaces of BuroHappold Engineering’s London offices to provide a visual link between the two. This functional art piece celebrates global engineering practice BuroHappold’s multiple innovations in the field of complex gridshell and other timber structures and was designed in collaboration with Mamou-Mani Architects and BuroHappold.

TECLA-Technology and Clay is the first eco-sustainable house 3D printed from raw earth by Mario Cucinella Architects.

‘Interchange Pavilion’ by Studio Chris Fox is a meeting place where tracks converge, a place of interchange where paths cross.

The feature work of the collaboration between AntiStatics Architecture and renowned artist Yue Min Jun is specifically “the peaceful elephant,” symbolic within Chinese and Asian culture as a representation of “a peaceful world and mature grain in society.”

The concept Rheotomic surface’s was developed by Daniel Piker and involves the mathematical generation of ‘walkable’ interconnected surfaces. With ‘Rheo’ from the Greek for flow and ‘Tomos’ meaning cut or section these surfaces make an equivalence between the geometry of the helicoid surface ad the vortex in Laplace’s equation.

This article describes a minimal surface which is a surface that locally minimizes its area (or having a mean curvature of zero). The classical minimal surfaces of H.F. Scherk were initially an attempt to solve Gergonne’s problem, a boundary value problem in the cube.

The Yorkshire Diamond has a very particular structure with inflatable tubes forming a diamond-lattice structure, forming a box with an excavated interior, which allows for different configurations. This project is running up for the Yorkshire Renaissance Pavilion competition.

Artist collective Numen creates giant web installations from tape or string that are strung up in museums around the world for visitors to interact with.

The ICD Aggregate Pavilion 2018 presents the latest results of 10 years of research into designed granular materials for architecture. It constitutes the first fully enclosed architectural space entirely constructed from designed granules, which lie only in loose frictional contact.

Murmuration project is the 2350 square-foot mesh canopy responds to Atlanta’s reputation as the ‘city in a forest’ and reacts to its relationship with the natural world. The sculptural structure, which includes bird feeding stations and perches, also reflects upon the loss of billions of birds in recent decades.

The Polish Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai is a nod to the country's natural landscapes representing an essential part of Polish identity. Through a modular structure enveloped by a kinetic sculpture resembling a flock of birds, the project references the idea of mobility while showcasing the natural connection established by bird migration between Poland and UAE.

The tensile structures are the solution to cover large areas of complex shape by minimizing the materials used. In tensile structures, materials are used efficiently. Thanks to specific supports, on existing buildings or through cable-stayed poles, it is possible to tension a membrane which, due to the “double curved” shape, will support external loads such as wind and snow and allows to cover large spans at very competitive price compared to standard building technology, an iconic aesthetic result and a reduced environmental impact.

Catenary Compression’ is a research project with light block construction that conventionally operates in compression. The design team set out to build a structural catenary relieving the ground from any physical contact.

The constant development of state-of-the-art projects is the fruit of our exceptional experience combined with a great technical know-how. Textile architecture opens up unimagined possibilities allowing to create building sculptures, organic shapes, light roofs or draw attention to spectacular facades with advanced properties in an economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The Graz Art Museum is designed by London based architecture Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. The aesthetics of the building follow the peculiar architectural school known as “blob architecture” or “blobitecture”, based on organic shapes, blobitecture is expressed through unique buildings that resemble the shape of protozoa organisms such as the amoeba.

This video from Veritasium is about Penrose Tiling. Simple rules of geometry meant that 5-fold symmetry was impossible as were crystals without a periodic structure. This turns out to be wrong.

This video is about designing a strong shelf brackets that hold a 300mm deep shelf board and it’s designed by topology optimization.

This video is about Bionic Vault Structures called Powerstruct. These hexagonal structures, which is found naturally in turtles or honeycombs, have become an integral part of industrial processes.

Dr. Mirtsch Wölbstrukturierung GmbH develops and produces lightweight structures of thin-walled materials for innovative applications. The patented vault-structuring technique is based on an unique principle of bionic self-organization and is therefore particularly gentle to materials and surfaces.

This paper by Mostafa Zahri present a new model for simulating an interesting class of Islamic design. Based on periodic sequences on the one-dimensional manifolds, and from emerging numbers, we construct closed graphs with edges on the unit circle.

This Paper by Mark Beecroft of the Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art, has been exploring the potential of 3D printing in industrial knitting.

This video by Negar Kalantar is a path to achieving profound knowledge about the conception and realization of motion in architecture.

This video by Numberphile is about strange dot patterns. A dot pattern is a pattern made up of numerous dots or circles.

The King Fahad National Library sees Professor Eckhard Gerber and his Gerber Architekten team accomplishing one of the most important urban development and cultural projects in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.